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Fluid Friction Apparatus

Fluid Friction Apparatus
Fluid Friction Apparatus
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Product Code : MT-101411
Brand Name : Teknik
Product Description

Fluid Friction Apparatus

  • Shows flow and losses in different pipes, fittings and valves. Shows popular flow measurement instruments.
  • A space-saving vertical panel that works with Gravimetric or Volumetric Hydraulic Benches for easy installation
  • Includes different valves, pipes and fittings to show losses
  •  Includes experiments on roughened pipes
  • Shows laminar and turbulent flow
  •  Uses Bernoullis equation 
  • Shows how to use Venturi and orifice meters to measure flow 
  •  Includes a traversing Pitot tube to measure velocity profile
  1. Fluid Friction Apparatus allows students to study flow, flow measurement techniques and losses in a wide variety of pipes and fittings. The equipment has three water circuits with instruments,pipes and pipe system components. These allow students to examine and compare the different component characteristics. A hydraulic bench (Gravimetric ) or Volumetric , available separately) supplies the circuit with a controlled flow of water. A space-saving vertical panel holds all the parts for easy use. To measure pressure loss across components, students use a piezometer set and differential pressure gauge (included). To perform experiments students record the temperature of water in the hydraulic bench and set the hydraulic bench to pump water through a circuit. They measure pressure losses across instruments or components. The hydraulic bench gives an external flow rate for reference and comparison. The flow measurement instruments show students the common methods of measuring water flow. They also give applications of the steady flow energy equation (Bernoulls equation). Students use a Venturi meter and an orifice plate meter and compare the losses of each. They also find the losses in a rapid enlargement.
  2. The equipment also includes a Pitot-static tube. By traversing the Pitot across the pipe diameter, students can find the velocity profile and flow coefficients. They also find the relationship between the flow rate and pressure differential.An artificially roughened pipe allows students to study friction factor at different Reynolds numbers, covering the interesting transitional flow from laminar to turbulent.They can compare results to those predicted by Nickuradses results and a Moody chart.

Standard Features

  • Supplied with a comprehensive user guide
  • Two-year warranty
  • Manufactured in accordance with the latest Indian Union directives  



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